Miesiąc: Czerwiec 2019


Many people start families with hope that when they gonna be older and the will need help, they would be able to count on children. Many times I have met people who had families and nobody visited them, nobody was interested of them. Many young people do not want to look after their older, ill …

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Having children

Having children is a huge obligation that almost always falls on the mother. If a woman wants to make a career, she usually employs a babysitter. A woman is always judged for the behavior of her children, if the children do something wrong, she is criticized because she is raising them  badly because that she …

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No help I

I create my blog alone, no one helps me. My family does not know that I run a blog, I can not count on their support. I do not have any friends or colleagues, I can only count on myself. I can not give my facebook profile, because my family and neighbors would know about …

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