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Social media is an invention of the 21st century, why do we need social media? Social media is used to communicate with each other. We use social media to show our lives. We share information about our lives with other people. Sometimes, different problems arise because the information we share is not always well thought …

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A smartphone is a great device that makes it easy to get addicted. A smartphone with internet access gives you millions of different possibilities. You can send text messages, e-mails, talk, and video chatting. This type of device is  helping at school, at work, facilitates everyday life. Many people today can not imagine life without …

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II have seen many films about slavery in the USA. It was very difficult for me to understand how it is possible that one man is the owner of another. Just for the fact that some people have a white skin color, it makes them better than other people who have a different skin color. …

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