No help II

Since mid-April I have been writing emails to various newspapers, stations and TV programs in my country> Poland, I have not received any response to my calls for help. At the urging of my readers, I came to Warsaw personally. From the beginning I was skeptical about this idea, because I thought that if for …

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Social care

The task of social care is to help those who cannot count on help from the family. Social care checks the financial condition of the immediate family of a person who reports to them for help. If there are high earners in the immediate family of the person who applies for help, then such a …

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No help I

I create my blog alone, no one helps me. My family does not know that I run a blog, I can not count on their support. I do not have any friends or colleagues, I can only count on myself. I can not give my facebook profile, because my family and neighbors would know about …

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