Foreplay before sexual intercourse, what is it? Nowadays, even when you’ve never had sex, you can get a lot of knowledge about it by using the internet. Apparently, every woman needs a foreplay to put her in the right mood, to feel that she wanna continuing. From the knowledge that I managed to get through …

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Erotic stories

Reading erotic stories has a very stimulating effect on the imagination, sometimes just as much as movie for adults. When you know where children come from, from the technical side, reading these stories stimulates the imagination. Depending on how the story was written, it can lead to erotic fantasies. If the story has been written …

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Sex education

I learned from where children are come from my school friends. In my Catholic family, I was told that the children are making after married and that sex without marriage is a sin and you can go to hell or we face some terrible punishment sent by God. Nowadays, in different regions of the world, …

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